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Hi ! I'm Elise !

I'm a 3D designer based in Montréal. I focus on creating pleasant and satisfying visual experiences.

do you want to see my latest creation?

Go to sketchfab!


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3D personal

Modelisation, texturing,
Rigging and Animation


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Visual Effects

Fire, Procedural, Explosion, and more
on Unreal, Unity and Houdini


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Video Game

Chara Design, Environment
Art, Mobile and Pc Game

I am Elise, a  3D environment artist. I started studying game artist 5 years ago. Like a pirate, I like working in a team, exchanging knowledge and growing. Whether for my work or my passions, I love realize projects and design many things. My goal is to specialize procedural environment to create a beautiful and magic world and share them with the world. When I'm not designing, I create cosplays, drawing, walk in the mountains and play video games.

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